Tips For Growing Citrus Trees In Pots

Citrus offers year-round greenery, fragrant blossoms, and delicious fruit …. what’s not to like? And even if you have a small area to work with or you are dealing with poor soil conditions, you can still grow citrus successfully in containers! 1. Learn the temperature and light requirements for your citrus plant. Citrus trees require […]

Growing Lettuce

Lettuce tastes great, is delicious, fresh, has a good texture, and is healthy. Lettuce thrives in the cool season, and is best enjoyed in the spring and autumn. Even a light frost can be tolerated by tender lettuce seedlings. Growing lettuce is simple and one of the most rewarding crops you can grow all year. […]

Garden Patio Ideas

Let’s talk about creating a garden space for your patio! Your patio can be transformed from an ordinary, boring space to a functional and attractive area that’s both productive and visually appealing. A successful patio garden requires planning. Before you start to plant, draw a plan of your space, think about its functionality, and then […]

Small Space Hacks: Best Ways to Grow Plants Inside Your Home 

Many people want to grow their own vegetables or herbs, but don’t have the space. Good news: many things can be grown indoors, even if you have very little space! There are many ways to grow indoors; some are very affordable, while others are more expensive and require a longer-term investment. The indoor growing method […]

How to Store Potting Soil over the Winter

Much of our garden activity this time of year focuses on cleaning and preparation. Because we aren’t actively gardening as much in the cooler months, we have more time to prepare for next spring! One example of how we can prepare is by storing potting soil. Here we have the steps you need to organize […]

Our Favorite Unusual House Plants 

You don’t need to limit your choices of houseplants to the most common and easy-to-care-for varieties. These tried-and-true favorites are great to keep around, but sometimes it’s nice to change things up. Houseplants can be a delight, with various features ranging from stunning foliage to textural intrigue and quirky growth patterns. These horticultural gems will […]

In With The Old: Changing Up Your Houseplants

Houseplants brighten winter days, warm the indoors, and clean the air of small living spaces. It sounds awful, but having the same plant every day can become a little boring. Houseplants are so wonderful that we should love them regardless of how long we have had them or what they are. Most people are always […]

Easy Houseplants to Grow Inside

Even if you live in a warmer climate, you can still feel the gardening bug’s pinch during the winter. So how about using your green thumb on houseplants that you can enjoy all year with indoor gardening? Before you think, “I can’t grow houseplants; they always die,” look at these low-maintenance and easy-to-care-for houseplants that […]

Growing Cucumbers in Pots & Containers

You can make the most of your small garden space by growing cucumbers in pots and containers indoors. This is a more accessible and less labor-intensive option compared to traditional backyard gardening. It takes some knowledge to produce a bounty of delicious, tender, and green fruits, but by following these tips, you can cultivate a […]

Plant Your Own Succulent Container Garden 

Succulents are hardy, drought tolerant, easily cared for plants that are excellent for container gardening. Using this guide, you can learn how to grow succulents in a container garden. Growing Succulents 1. Light Succulents can thrive in both shade and sun. However, it is important to research your plants’ needs before planting them to ensure […]