Small Space Hacks: Best Ways to Grow Plants Inside Your Home 

Many people want to grow their own vegetables or herbs, but don’t have the space. Good news: many things can be grown indoors, even if you have very little space! There are many ways to grow indoors; some are very affordable, while others are more expensive and require a longer-term investment. The indoor growing method used will determine what specifically can be grown. The cheapest way to grow indoors is simply by locating a south-facing window in your home. This is a method that we have used for many years, and will set you up for growing success!

In areas that get low sunlight, herbs are an excellent choice (such as basil and thyme). They can be grown in places with 3 to 5 hours of sunshine. You can grow herbs in both east and west-facing windows. Herbs can get pricey when bought at a store, so you’ll save money by growing your own. A dwarf citrus tree loves a south-facing window, and will grow and produce for you year-round.

Another option to consider is an LED grow light. We like to use Happy Leaf’s version of the LED grow light. The advantage of using LEDs over tube lights is that LED Lights do not dim over time. Tube lights are recommended to be replaced every 2 to 5 years while LEDs will last indefinitely. They also do not contain mercury and can cover more surface space, lighting more than a tube light can. LEDs cover roughly 3 times larger of a footprint of space than a tube light and the light is stronger over all of the plants. The Happy Leaf LED lights are small, compact and can be hung under a table or over plants to grow herbs and greens. They are also great for starting seeds and even growing tomatoes, peppers as well as other vegetables, to full maturity (with some additional accessories).

You don’t need to have an entire room set up for indoor growing. A small area can be set aside for growing herbs, micro-greens or whatever you desire. A corner of the family room, a heated basement, or even along a windowsill are all great options. A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Keep small children and pets away from the plants, especially when the seedlings are young.
  • Depending on the growing medium, it is possible to have soil gnats emerge. Although they are harmless, they are annoying.


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