Why Nearsource?

Why We're Different

NearSource Organics believes in the ‘tried-and-true basics’ of gardening, using only natural and organic ingredients found as nearby as we can that benefit local communities and reduce carbon emissions – challenging the thinking that just because it’s easier, it’s better.  It’s not.

We believe in putting carbon back into the soil, not the atmosphere, supporting the amazing life that soil contains underground to benefit what goes on above ground – growing food to feed our families; growing flowers for beauty in our gardens; and support the mysterious and complex exchange between CO2 and O2 we need to survive.

Because we source ingredients from nearby, our soils look different from one part of the country to another. Our soil mixes in Florida will look different from our soil mixes in Texas due to the differences in natural and organic materials available nearby, without sacrificing quality. Ingredients sourced nearby allow our bags to travel fewer miles per bag (MPB), reducing carbon emissions. We continue to look for organic materials as close as we can, understanding this is an ongoing quest with no finish line.

Our organic soils are sold at a value. Most consumers associate organic products, whether it be pet food, people food or plant food, as being more expensive. We believe organic gardening should be affordable for everyone.

Our desire, no-matter the location, is to help inspire change in every community to help restore a little part of Eden, one-garden-at-a-time, bringing a sense of joy and accomplishment in an ever-challenging, fast-paced world.

Organic gardening is different. We want to be a helpful resource as part of your gardening journey. We continue to add to our library of videos and blogs to support you, and we welcome your questions when you get stuck. We’re here for you!


Our Roots Run Deep

NearSource Organics is a member of the Kellogg Garden Products family of organic soils. Family-owned and run since 1925, we’ve been helping people grow plants over four generations, guided by the core values of our founder, H. Clay Kellogg: integrity, innovation, loyalty, experience, commitment, and generosity.

Dedicated To The Community

Our goal is to make the biggest positive impact possible. 

We enjoy partnering with community and school gardens that result in beautiful, productive gardens benefiting local communities.

We want to be a resource for gardeners everywhere because gardening should be for everyone. Look for information here or reach out to us with a question about your garden!

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