10 Tips for Planning Your Raised Beds & Garden Layout Before Spring

The quiet months of fall and winter are so lovely – not only because of the cozy fires, delicious soups and stews, and holidays – but also because of the pause in our daily gardening activities. Yes, you read that correctly. We love gardening, but also appreciate slower times because it gives us the opportunity […]

Gardener’s Guide To Raised Vegetable Gardens

Harvested carrots, beets, tomatoes, and other fresh vegetables

Raised beds are great for both novice and experienced gardeners. Raised beds are elevated above the ground, making it possible to grow vegetables longer into the growing season and reducing the overall amount of work and effort required. Raised vegetable beds are also known for their ability to provide full sun and warm soil that […]

What To Plant In A Raised Garden Bed

What do you plant in a raised bed garden? You can grow almost anything, provided that the growing conditions like sunlight, spacing and temperature are right for your plants. Raised Garden Bed Vegetables and Fruits Tomatoes Tomatoes love to dig their roots into the soil and are eager to eat a lot. They are great […]

Planting & Growing Vegetables In Raised Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to increase crop productivity and maximize space! Plus, they reduce the time required to bend and weed, allowing gardeners more time to manage soil quality, ward off pests, and provide a warm, fertile environment that encourages root system growth.   The benefits of growing vegetables in raised garden […]

Raised Garden Beds Ideas & Designs

Gardens are an evolving work in progress. Gardeners are constantly taking stock of their successes and making adjustments to improve our garden beds. It’s fun to experiment with new gardening techniques and create new spaces in your garden. A great place to start is with raised garden bed ideas and designs. Although there are no […]

The Gardener’s Guide to Raised Bed Soil

Two people each planting a small green plant into fresh soil

An experienced gardener will tell you that even minor errors can make all the difference in a successful crop. Some of the most common mistakes include using the wrong soil or planting in s is deficient in nutrients. So what is the solution to these mistakes? If you use raised garden beds, raised bed soil […]

Learn the Difference Between Garden Soil and Raised Bed Soil

Gardeners can use Garden Soil and Raised Bed Soil to create the perfect growing environment. Both organic soils benefit healthy gardens that produce beautiful, vibrant flowers and nutritious fruits. We’ll show you where to use Garden Soil and Raised Bed Soil so that you get the best out of both. Benefits of Garden Soil This […]

Raised Bed & Container Garden Planning

Every successful garden season begins with raised bed and container garden planning. It is not enough to just plant some plants and hope for the best. Gardeners must assess the space and the amount of sun that hits different areas on the property and then decide what to grow. You can plan raised beds and […]

Difference Between Potting Mix and Raised Bed Soil

Both Organic Potting Mix (or Organic Raised Bed Soil) are beneficial in providing natural nutrients and minerals to enclosed planting areas. Potting Mix is designed to provide soil nutrients for indoor and outdoor plants. Raised Bed Soil, with its larger particles, can be used for raised beds and larger containers. Potting Mix Attributes The soil […]