Transitioning to Organic Soils: A Fresh Perspective

transitioning to organic soils

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift towards organic gardening practices as people recognize the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches. One critical aspect of organic gardening is transitioning to organic soil. In this article, we will dive deeper into the benefits of organic soil and provide you with a comprehensive guide […]

Raised Garden Bed Design: Avoid These 3 Common Sizing Mistakes

Raised garden beds offer a fantastic opportunity to cultivate a wide range of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. When embarking on the planning process for a new raised garden bed, size becomes a crucial consideration that often goes overlooked. While ready-made kits come in various sizes, those who opt for a DIY approach must determine the […]

Tips for Southern Summer Gardening

Sunny garden

Summer gardening is just around the corner, and NearSource Organics has some tips to share for gardening during the midsummer heat. The intense sun and high temperatures can make it a challenging time for gardeners, with cool season crops bolting and weeds thriving. However, with these summer gardening tips, you can beat the heat. Beat […]

Properly Cleaning Containers And Pots For Spring

Opting to reuse pots and containers for your garden this year is an excellent means of reducing waste and saving some cash. Many experienced gardeners swear by the practice of thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing their containers each season and starting anew with fresh organic soil. This will help avoid any potential risk posed by harmful […]

Can a Garden Save You Money?

We understand that grocery bills can be expensive, especially if you’re someone who loves fresh produce. That’s why we encourage people to consider gardening as a way to save money. If you tend to buy a lot of produce, gardening could be a great option for you. Here are some tips to get started with […]

Build a Simple Raised Bed Garden

Building a raised bed for your garden is fairly simple, no matter what kind of yard you’re working with. And the best news: you can grab everything you need at your local Home Depot. The raised bed we are building is 3’ x 6’ and 18” deep. You can use a variety of different materials […]