Build a Simple Raised Bed Garden

Building a raised bed for your garden is fairly simple, no matter what kind of yard you’re working with. And the best news: you can grab everything you need at your local Home Depot.

The raised bed we are building is 3’ x 6’ and 18” deep. You can use a variety of different materials to build a raised bed. If using wood, we recommend all-natural and untreated wood.

Before getting started, make sure you have everything you need. Watch the video for a tutorial, and keep scrolling to get the supply list and step-by-step instructions!

The Steps


First, grab your pre-cut posts. Start by digging and placing one 4”x4” post about 6 inches down and tightly pack dirt around it.

Woman packing down soil after inserting wooden post


Next, place a 6’ long 1”x6” board beside the post to measure the distance to where to place the second post.

A woman lining up a wooden board horizontally alongside a vertical wooden post


Then, do the same with the 3-foot boards.

A woman smoothing out dirt inside of a partially built wooden raised planter


Now, grab your screwdriver. Place two screws per board. Each side should be three boards high.

A woman attaching a horizontal wooden plank on to a vertical wooden post using a power drill


Now that all your boards are screwed in and your sides are secure, line the bottom with organic landscaping fabric.

A woman rolling organic landscaping fabric over a newly built raised wooden planter


Lastly, fill the bed with NearSource Organics Raised Bed & Container Mix. Leave about 3-4” at the top of the raised bed.

A woman filling a newly created raised wooden planter bed with top soil

Now your raised bed is ready for planting!

A newly created raised wooden planter bed filled with potting soil and flowers


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