Tips for Growing and Supporting Tomato Plants 

A staple veggie in any organic garden is the tomato, but which variety should you choose? There are so many delicious and colorful varieties to choose from that you could easily spend an entire season choosing what type to plant! We don’t want  you to waste your valuable gardening time, so we have compiled a […]

Tips For Growing Citrus Trees In Pots

Citrus offers year-round greenery, fragrant blossoms, and delicious fruit …. what’s not to like? And even if you have a small area to work with or you are dealing with poor soil conditions, you can still grow citrus successfully in containers! 1. Learn the temperature and light requirements for your citrus plant. Citrus trees require […]

Growing Lettuce

Lettuce tastes great, is delicious, fresh, has a good texture, and is healthy. Lettuce thrives in the cool season, and is best enjoyed in the spring and autumn. Even a light frost can be tolerated by tender lettuce seedlings. Growing lettuce is simple and one of the most rewarding crops you can grow all year. […]

Planting & Growing Vegetables In Raised Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to increase crop productivity and maximize space! Plus, they reduce the time required to bend and weed, allowing gardeners more time to manage soil quality, ward off pests, and provide a warm, fertile environment that encourages root system growth.   The benefits of growing vegetables in raised garden […]

Planting and Growing Lilacs

Purple lilac flowers blooming

With their romantic blossoming plumes and intoxicating scent, lilacs have become a symbol of first love. You can’t help but fall in love with the sweet scent of their return every year. Lilacs boast a stunning display of colors, including pink, white, and purple. The flowers of lilacs are often cut and used to make […]

How To Grow Okra & How Long Does it Take?

An okra plant that is about to bloom

Okra is a close cousin to the hibiscus flower. It thrives in summer heat and is very adaptable. The bushy, heat-loving, and fast-growing plant can reach five feet in height. It produces edible pods that can be used in many kitchens around the world. The tender pods of okra are a highlight in soups, side […]

How to Plant and Grow Rhubarb

A wooden sign that says "rhubarb" with a garden of rhubarb in the background

Rhubarb, a cool-season fruit-like vegetable, is known for its bright, sturdy stalks and tart taste. It usually emerges from the ground in late April and March. Only the stalks of rhubarb can be eaten, as the leaves of this plant contain toxic oxalic acid. Rhubarb has a unique flavor and is well-known for its medicinal […]

How to Grow Cabbage

Cabbage is a delicious and compact crop that can be grown in most gardens. Cabbage has many health benefits and is known for its beautiful garden appearance and delicious crunch. It’s high in Vitamin B, Niacin, Iron, Calcium, and Protein. Growing cabbage can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, lower blood cholesterol, and boost your heart […]

How to Plant and Grow Pansies

Purple and yellow pansy flowers blooming

Pansies can be used to brighten up any garden with cheerful colors. Pansy flowers symbolize ‘thought’ and are great plants for the early spring when you are waiting for your garden to come to life during the next growing season. These prolific and happy bloomers can produce flowers for extended periods and thrive in colder […]

Different Ways to Grow Strawberries

Strawberries are perennial favorites in gardens, and they can be grown in traditional patches, raised beds, and containers. This guide will help you to grow beautiful organic strawberries wherever you plant them. Types of Strawberries If you’ve looked at a vendor’s website and been overwhelmed by the choices in strawberries, you’re not alone. It can […]