In With The Old: Changing Up Your Houseplants

Houseplants brighten winter days, warm the indoors, and clean the air of small living spaces. It sounds awful, but having the same plant every day can become a little boring. Houseplants are so wonderful that we should love them regardless of how long we have had them or what they are. Most people are always looking for something brighter and shinier, but you can always try new varieties of your old favorites. Are you a fan of ferns, sansevieria, and pothos? Great! You might be surprised at some of these unusual varieties mentioned in this article.

Indoor Ferns

Boston and asparagus ferns are timeless classics that can be used in almost any interior design. These fun ferns are great options to grow indoors.

Fern Houseplant Varieties

  • Autumn fern (coppery leaf tint)
  • Bird’s nest fern (thick, undivided leaves)
  • Maidenhair fern (tiny, delicate leaves)
  • Rabbit’s foot fern (brown rhizomes that creep over the edge of the pot)

You can care for these ferns the same way you would for traditional ferns. Bright, indirect light and regular watering are important.


This houseplant is commonly called “Mother-in-law’s tongue,” which can be hilarious or downright embarrassing depending on your family relationships. Traditional sansevieria is characterized by upright green leaves with yellow, white, or silver trim. However, this plant is available in many other forms and colors.

For modern interiors, consider S. cylindrical, which features rounded leaves rather than the flat, broad ones we are familiar with.

Sansevieria Houseplant Varieties

  • ‘Moonshine’ has silvery foliage.
  • ‘Gold Hahnii’ has bright green leaves with gold trim.

Interested in a dwarf variety? Consider these:

  • ‘Whitney’
  • ‘Black Jack’
  • ‘Futura Robusta’

Sansevieria prefers bright to low lighting and watering twice per month.

Pothos as a Houseplant

Pothos is the most popular houseplant among interior gardeners. It can tolerate various light conditions, including low and bright, and does not need to be watered as often as other plants. Standard pothos has medium-sized, heart-shaped, green leaves and a long, trailing habit.

New Pothos Houseplant Varieties

  • ‘Neon’ with bright chartreuse leaves
  • ‘Trebi’ dark green and silver leaves
  • ‘Marble Queen’ with creamy green and white foliage
  • ‘Satin’ with silver spots and green leaves

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