Plant Your Own Succulent Container Garden 

Succulents are hardy, drought tolerant, easily cared for plants that are excellent for container gardening. Using this guide, you can learn how to grow succulents in a container garden.

Growing Succulents

1. Light

Succulents can thrive in both shade and sun. However, it is important to research your plants’ needs before planting them to ensure that they are grown in the best conditions possible.

2. Soil

The soil used for outdoor succulent gardening should not be too rich and have excellent drainage. Consider using a potting mix of recycled forest products, pumice, bark fines, hydrolyzed feather meals, dehydrated poultry manure, and dehydrated poultry manure. The combination of these ingredients can help your succulents thrive in a controlled environment. You can also fertilize your succulents in the spring and summer. However, don’t over-fertilize them, as they will grow leggy and unwieldy.

3. Drainage

Good drainage is essential for succulents and cactus growth. This means that your container should have a drainage hole. Sometimes, soil can leak out of the drainage hole, but you can fix this problem by placing a large coffee filter at the bottom of your container. Then, gently place the soil on top of it to keep it in its place. The filter keeps the soil from falling through and allows water to flow easily.

4. Plants

Succulents are available in many colors and leaf shapes. Group plants that enjoy the same amount of sun and water together. Succulents can easily snap, so be careful when planting them and push broken pieces into the soil to propagate them. To plant a succulent, place the root ball into the soil, dig a hole, place the plant inside, cover the roots with soil, and water it.

5. Water

Be careful when watering succulents. While you want to water your succulents regularly, overwatering them can cause damage. Succulents need more water during growth spurts in the spring, but they should mostly be kept dry. Water in small amounts, let the plant drain, and then check to ensure there isn’t any moisture left before watering again.

Companion Plants for Succulent Container Gardens

1. Pussy Ears Kalanchoe

This particular kalanchoe is soft, fuzzy, and delightfully silvery. It is great in a container garden close to a seating area so people can touch it.

2. Painted Echeveria

Echeverias are well-known for their beautiful rosette shapes and beautifully colored selections, such as pink and lilac.

3. Coppertone Stonecrop

This plant is a true show-stopper with its coppery-orange leaves that can sometimes be trailing. This plant thrives in full sunlight and develops bolder colors with heat and light.

4. Jade Plant

Jade plants are excellent candidates for specimen plants because of their large leaves and mature tree-like growth.

4. Senecio

Senecio can be found in many sizes and shapes, but it is most commonly known for its stunning architectural blue leaves.



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