What’s the Right Soil for Your Garden?

With So Many Choices Gardening Can Feel Overwhelming. That’s Ok! We’re Here To Help.

The foundation for every garden is great soil. The wholesome food and beautiful flowers we grow using healthy soils benefit our homes and communities. We are proud to offer three incredible 100% natural & organic soils sourced and made as near to you as possible. Transporting our product fewer miles per bag reduces carbon emissions and makes the planet a better place to live.
We want to improve our communities, one garden at a time. Join us!

Raised Bed & Container Mix

Raised Bed & Container Mix is formulated with a diverse mix of particle sizes, ideal for raised beds and large containers. Nutrient-rich and ready to use, it is perfect for your fruits, flowers, and veggies. 

Using aged wood fines and other natural organic ingredients means our soil looks different – that’s intentional. It’s how we create a perfect balance of adequate drainage and moisture retention without using peat moss.

Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix

Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix is formulated with ingredients that help retain moisture in the soil and provide the necessary nutrients for well-balanced, healthy, happy plants.

Because the soil in pots tends to dry out more quickly, moisture retention can be the biggest challenge with container gardening. Our potting soil balances moisture retention with drainage, allowing plants to thrive and minimizing problems.

Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix is perfect for your containers, hanging baskets, and houseplants. 


In-Ground Garden Soil

person planting in garden

Garden Soil is made for in-ground gardening and is enriched with aged compost and organic matter. It revitalizes native soil structure and fertility for awesome plant growth. 

By mixing the native soil in your garden with In-Ground Garden Soil, you will see more robust root development, increased plant vigor, and greater yields. Adding Garden Soil can help heavy, compacted soils by improving pore space, infiltration, and aeration in the root zone. 

In-Ground Garden Soil is designed to be mixed into in-ground garden beds. We do not recommend it for use in raised beds, pots or containers.

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