Why Organic Gardening?

Organic gardening is a way to grow plants in the natural way that nature intended. It does not use potentially harmful chemicals, which is good news for you, your family and pets, and the environment. There are many other reasons to grow organic, some of which may be surprising. Let’s look at some of the reasons organic gardening is better.

Garden Health

Your soil is more than just dirt. It is an ecosystem that supports tiny organisms that are beneficial to your plants. Certified organic products have been proven to promote soil life by providing beneficial bacteria and microbes that naturally stimulate plant growth. By using them, you’ll have a healthier garden that will be more resistant to pests, last longer, and be easier to maintain.


Your life can be made easier by growing organic. Add organic soil to your garden by mixing organic planting/soil mix, mulch, and fertilizer. This is it—no messy chemicals to purchase, store, or apply or necessary safety precautions to take.


Organic gardening products certified by the National Organic Gardening Council are safe for your plants, the environment, pets, and people who may come in contact with them. Imagine eating a tomato that you have grown from the vine without having to worry about ingesting or touching harmful chemicals. It’s pretty sweet, right?


Organic gardening products might seem more expensive. However, organic soils, fertilizers, and planting mixes can often be cheaper than traditional products. This means that you can make healthier choices for your family while staying within your budget, and you’ll get great returns on your investment if you use the right products and have patience.


You can help protect our waterways and airways by using organic gardening products that require fewer fossil fuels than conventional products. Organic gardening products are also more likely to use recycled or repurposed materials, which keeps trash out of landfills.


It’s Rewarding

Let’s face the truth; that’s what really brought you here! Growing your garden using nationally certified organic gardening products will allow you to do the right thing for your soil, plants, family, and the planet. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your garden grow, and it’s wonderful to share organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown right in your backyard.

Proven Organic

Now that you know the benefits of gardening organically, you’ll want to maximize knowing these benefits. You can quickly reach your gardening goals by selecting the best organic soil, organic fertilizers, and organic planting mix. Ensuring that the products you choose are independently verified and certified is a great way to do this. 


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