Blue bag of All Natural Indoor and Outdoor Potting Mix by NearSource Organics

Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix

32 quarts (35.2 liters)

  • Ingredients sourced nearby
  • Moisture holding
  • No peat moss — eco-friendly
  • Ready to use out of the bag
  • pH (5.8-7.5)

Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix is made with smaller particle size ingredients to help hold moisture in a variety of different size containers. It is the perfect soil blend for potted indoor plants, as well as annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies and hanging baskets for outdoor container gardening.

Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix contains no peat moss. We use a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients found nearby that grow awesome plants. Depending on where you live, Indoor & Outdoor Potting Mix will look different from one region to another.

Application: One bag fills approximately two 12″ pots.

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What’s in the Bag?

This product is regionally formulated to include one or more of the following: (processed forest products, recycled forest products, arbor fines, humus, rice hulls, composted dairy manure and/or compost), horticulture perlite, dolomite lime, processed poultry manure, feather meal, earthworm castings, bat guano and kelp meal.

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