Growing Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace’s delicate, elegant blooms add a touch of class to your garden beds. Named for its white, lace-like flowerhead, Queen Anne’s Lace is often used to decorate cottage and potager gardens. Queen Anne’s Lace can grow up to 2 feet tall and fills in garden gaps with its fern-like leaves, long stems, and […]

How To Grow Fennel: Tips & More

Fennel is known for its bulbous, white base, which looks like an onion. It is also layered like cabbage and has a celery-like crunch. Fennel produces a delicious harvest with a subtle anise flavor and feathery leaves. Fennel, a member of the carrot family, is used in many cultures for culinary and medicinal purposes, including […]

How to Plant & Grow Mint

You can keep fresh mint at your fingertips throughout the year by growing it indoors and outdoors. Mint plants can thrive and come in many delicious flavors and appealing scents. Mint plants are easy to grow and make great culinary additions. The oils and leaves of mint are often used in beauty products and for […]

Growing Rosemary Indoors & Outdoors

Rosemary is a wonderful addition to any garden. It can be grown in pots outdoors, indoors or on a sunny windowsill. These evergreen perennial herbs produce beautiful needle-shaped leaves with intense flavor and aroma. Rosemary can be used to season meats and stews. Its edible flowers are a great addition to salads. Rosemary is also […]

Container Gardening: Growing Herbs in Containers

Use Fresh herbs They are an excellent way to add healthy flavor to your food. For a unique flavor, you can add them to green salads (basil and oregano are good choices). Fresh herbs can enhance the flavor of sauces, and they can also be used to create delicious crusts for roasted meats. You can […]

How to Plant Herbs in Container Gardens

A cook’s best friend is an herb garden! It doesn’t take a lot of land or space to grow delicious fresh herbs indoors or outside. The top herbs for container gardens are listed below. Mint Mint is very invasive in the ground and should be grown in containers whenever possible. It likes to be in […]