Growing Lettuce

Lettuce tastes great, is delicious, fresh, has a good texture, and is healthy. Lettuce thrives in the cool season, and is best enjoyed in the spring and autumn. Even a light frost can be tolerated by tender lettuce seedlings. Growing lettuce is simple and one of the most rewarding crops you can grow all year. […]

How to Grow Cabbage

Cabbage is a delicious and compact crop that can be grown in most gardens. Cabbage has many health benefits and is known for its beautiful garden appearance and delicious crunch. It’s high in Vitamin B, Niacin, Iron, Calcium, and Protein. Growing cabbage can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, lower blood cholesterol, and boost your heart […]

A Gardener’s Guide to Cauliflower Companion Plants

Did you know it is possible to grow small clusters of vitamin-rich cauliflower in your garden? Cauliflower plants produce mild, sweet-tasting, and dense florets, which pack a punch when it comes to nutrient intake. Gardeners can all benefit from the help of our friends, and plants are no exception. Friendly plant neighbors can help vegetables […]

Growing Cauliflower: Planting & Care Tips

Did you know you can grow densely packed clusters of vitamin-rich cauliflower right in your backyard? Cauliflower, a cool-weather crop, is best grown in the spring, fall and winter. Although cauliflower can be grown in the summer, it will bolt if the temperature is too high. Cauliflower plants produce compact, milder-tasting florets than other brassicas. […]

How To Grow Kale: Pots, Containers & More

Kale cultivation is worth the effort. Kale is a crop that gives. Kale is a popular crop that grows quickly and is nutritious and beautiful. These nutritious leaves are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They can be curly or flat. Kale is a cool weather crop. It can be grown in the spring, fall and […]