The Best Ways to Plant to Get a Great Garden

Gardening can be a gratifying hobby. Fresh-picked vegetables are the best, especially if you grow them yourself. You will enjoy seasons of fresh, succulent vegetables with vibrant textures and juicy flavors by following these tips to help you plan, plant, and grow the best vegetable garden plants possible! Where Should I Start? The first thing […]

All Seasons Gardening: Planting for Year Round Color

The abundance of flowers in spring and summer is something we all love. After a long, dreary winter, it’s a joy to see so many vibrant colors in our gardens. Even the fall can boast about its harvest hues and beautiful colors. However, gardens often find themselves without water during cooler seasons, so there is […]

How to Plant a Garden Using Succession Planting

We’ve all made the mistake of planting all our vegetable garden crops at the same time because we were in such a rush to get the garden started. Next thing you know, you have bushels of tomatoes and zucchini coming out of your ears and okra that has turned into a tough loofah. There is […]

Midsummer Planting

A person wearing a straw hat and working in a flower garden with mountains in the background

Believe it or not, July and August aren’t the best months to plant your garden. In most places, it’s hot and uncomfortable for you and your plants. However, there are strategies to help plants thrive and survive in the middle of summer. These are the Do’s and Don’ts of midsummer planting. The Do’s of Midsummer […]