Tomato Companion Plants

Two ripe yellow and orange tomatoes on the vine

Companion planting can be a great way to increase the fruitfulness and health of your tomato plants. Companion planting is a mutually beneficial way to increase the health and fruitfulness of your tomato plants, promote biodiversity, and improve soil health. Best Tomato Companion Plants Your garden’s productivity can be significantly improved by learning how individual […]

Companion Planting to Attract Pollinators

Insects, birds, and small mammals are a large part of the world’s food supply. Many of our crops are pollinated by insects, including moths, butterflies, and wasps. These insects are attracted to large groups of plants and species, especially flowers that require pollen to grow and bloom. When plants are combined, they protect one another, […]

Calendula Flower: Companion Plants, Benefits & Care Information

Calendula can be planted in your garden to add stunning bursts of color from mid-spring through early fall. Calendula is an herbaceous perennial with healing properties and is an excellent plant for the garden as it repels pests and is edible. The plant is an annual in most areas and can produce many beautiful flowers […]

Benefits of Companion Planting

You can mimic nature by planting companion plants to give your vegetables the best chance of growing. Companion planting can be a great way to increase your garden’s fruitfulness, health, and productivity. It is great for wildlife, pollinator, and soil health. They can also repeal pests and improve the taste of your harvest. It is […]