Build a Whiskey/Wine Barrel Garden

It’s easy to build a whiskey barrel garden to create a personalized spot for planting! This piece is perfect for your front porch or outdoor landscaping. And the best news: you can grab everything you need at your local Home Depot.

The whiskey barrel garden we’re making is a quick and easy project, but it adds a ton of character to the outside of your home.

Before getting started, make sure you have everything you need. Watch the video for a tutorial, review the supply list and follow the step-by-step instructions!

The Steps


First, make sure the barrel has drainage holes in the bottom. If it doesn’t, drill three to four holes in the bottom. 

The bottom of a whiskey/wine barrel


Then, if you’ve chosen to add the plant stand, place the barrel on the rolling plant stand  before filling it. This will make it  easier to move once it’s full.

The bottom of the inside of a whiskey/wine barrel


Start filling the bottom of the planter with approximately 2” to 3” of landscaping rocks to help with drainage.

A woman smoothing out pebbles in the bottom of a whiskey/wine barrel


Next, fill the barrel with NearSource Organics indoor/outdoor potting soil up until about 3” from the rim. Make sure to pack down the soil lightly as you go.

A woman pouring potting soil into the bottom of a whiskey/wine barrel


Once the planter is filled, start planting! We’ll start in the middle and work outward to the edge of the barrel. Grab your terra cotta pot, fill it with landscaping rocks to cover the bottom, and then add potting soil. 

A woman scooping potting soil into a pot with a small gardening shovel


After that, make a wide hole in the middle of the soil, ensuring it’s deep enough for your plant root ball. Then plant your tall thriller plant of choice in the hole. Next plant spillers between the thriller plants and the edge of the pot.

A woman planting pink flowers inside of a flower pot


Now that your pot is ready, place it in the center of the barrel filled with soil.

A woman placing a flower pot inside of a whiskey/wine barrel that is filled with potting soil


Next, plant your “filler” plants around the base of the terra cotta pot.

A woman planting purple flowers in a whiskey/wine barrel around the base of another flower pot that is resting in the middle


Lastly, add your final layer of spiller plants between the edge of the barrel and filler plants, and you’re all done!

A woman planting small white flowers along the outside of purple flowers in a whiskey/wine barrel

Now your Barrel is ready for planting!

A woman using a watering can to pour water on a whiskey/wine barrel that is filled with white, purple, and pink flowers


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  • Whiskey barrel – 25” diameter x 16” tall
  • Large terra pot – approx. 14” diameter
  • Landscape rocks – .5 cubic unit feet
  • Metal plant stand with wheels, which is optional
  • Plants – thrillers, fillers, spillers
  • NearSource Organic indoor/outdoor potting mix
  • Power drill with a Phillips head bit and ⅜” drill bit
  • Hand trowel


Note: If you plan to cut your own wood, wear safety glasses. But before measuring and cutting, did you know Home Depot will cut your wood for you? It’s fast, easy, and guaranteed to be done right.

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