No Ground Gardening: How to Start a Garden in an Apartment

No yard, no soil, no garden, right? Wrong! Many people are moving into apartments, condos, and townhomes. Although this presents a challenge for those who love to garden, there are still ways you can garden in these small spaces. If you’re in a similar situation, don’t worry! You can use these tips to garden in small spaces indoors or outside.

No-Ground Gardening Options

Become a houseplant grower

Many plants can be grown indoors, including hanging, floor, and air plants. Begin with tropical plants that thrive indoors before moving on to other species. You may need to experiment with plants with various lighting and water requirements to determine what thrives best in your gardening space.

Consider hydroponic and aeroponic systems

You have amazing technology available; make sure you use it! You should look for systems with grow light accessories that can be used to grow your plants indoors.

Make the most of your balcony space

Have you ever seen Pinterest photos of European apartments? Many feature a “Romeo and Juliet” step-out balcony, which you can quickly turn your balcony space into! Even the smallest balconies can have over-the-rail planters that produce a waterfall of flowers and vines. Larger spaces can house outdoor furniture, small fountains, and potted plants. These plants are more difficult to maintain than in-ground ones, but they also require less effort to move soil and transport materials which is a trade-off.

Vertical gardening

Many wall planters come with water reservoirs, making them easy to maintain. For additional growth space, you can attach them to your outside balcony/patio walls or your interior walls.

Get involved in a community garden

Find hidden gems around you by searching the Internet for “your city + community gardens” or “zip code + neighborhood garden.” This can lead to you meeting other gardeners and getting out in the fresh air to work.

Make sprouts and microgreens

This is another excellent and fun activity that can be done without a yard. It is possible to grow healthy sprouts right on your kitchen counter. Microgreens may require a simple grow light system.

Growing Tips for Indoor Gardening

  • Watering is more important than ever. Containers dry out faster, especially on a windy balcony or patio. Depending on the plants you choose and the weather conditions, you may need to water daily.
  • Prepare to fertilize and amend your soil when necessary. Make or buy compost and repot houseplants frequently to ensure they receive their required nutrients.
  • Be mindful of when you are watering your balcony gardens to avoid accidentally watering your neighbors too!
  • Like their in-ground cousins, containers must have good drainage. You should drain excess water from decorative pots that do not have drainage holes before your plants rot.

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