How to Store Potting Soil over the Winter

Much of our garden activity this time of year focuses on cleaning and preparation. Because we aren’t actively gardening as much in the cooler months, we have more time to prepare for next spring! One example of how we can prepare is by storing potting soil. Here we have the steps you need to organize […]

Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients in Plants

For optimal growth and productivity in your flower and vegetable gardens, it’s essential to have healthy and fertile soil. For plants to thrive, they need to have varying levels of 17 essential nutrients. In an ideal world, every garden soil would contain all the nutrients that plants need to thrive, but its balance often fluctuates […]

The Gardener’s Guide to Raised Bed Soil

Two people each planting a small green plant into fresh soil

An experienced gardener will tell you that even minor errors can make all the difference in a successful crop. Some of the most common mistakes include using the wrong soil or planting in s is deficient in nutrients. So what is the solution to these mistakes? If you use raised garden beds, raised bed soil […]

Regenerative Agriculture & Carbon Sequestration

A woman helping a young girl pat down the soil surrounding a newly planted green plant

Science and research are fundamental to how gardeners make decisions for their gardens and the community. Sometimes the words and phrases used are a lot to comprehend. Consider carbon sequestration as an example. Not everyone has heard of it, but it is a crucial concept for soil health. What’s Carbon Sequestration? In a nutshell, carbon […]

How to Tell if Soil is Good with 8 Simple Tests

A baby grabbing fresh potting soil out of an adult's hand

It is essential to have rich, nutritious soil for successful gardening. Healthy soil will have plenty of underground animal and plant activity, such as earthworms and fungi. A soil rich in organic matter tends to be dark and crumbly with a healthy and well-developed root system. After you learn how to determine your soil type, […]

How to Amend Soil for a Healthier Garden

Organic gardeners know that the soil they grow their plants in is crucial for their health. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have naturally perfect soil. Your soil can be full of water-logging clay, water-dispersing sand, or anything in between. It is possible to amend soil after a successful season or in-between seasons. There are many […]

Learn the Difference Between Garden Soil and Raised Bed Soil

Gardeners can use Garden Soil and Raised Bed Soil to create the perfect growing environment. Both organic soils benefit healthy gardens that produce beautiful, vibrant flowers and nutritious fruits. We’ll show you where to use Garden Soil and Raised Bed Soil so that you get the best out of both. Benefits of Garden Soil This […]

Best Soil for Indoor Plants

For indoor gardening, the best indoor potting soil is crucial to ensure success. Plants depend on the soil they receive, and growing them in pots and containers can limit their nutrient intake. Knowing the different types of soils is essential for growing healthy plants. Indoor Plant Soils Different plants require different soils depending on their […]

No Ground Gardening: How to Start a Garden in an Apartment

No yard, no soil, no garden, right? Wrong! Many people are moving into apartments, condos, and townhomes. Although this presents a challenge for those who love to garden, there are still ways you can garden in these small spaces. If you’re in a similar situation, don’t worry! You can use these tips to garden in […]

The Best Soil for Container Gardening

What soil is best for container gardening? We’re glad you asked. Growing in Felt Pots Felt pots and grow bags are a good choice for growing. There are many sizes available, ranging from 5 to 30 gallons. Because they offer important benefits for gardeners and plants, they are gaining popularity. Benefits of Growing in Felt […]