How To Grow Okra & How Long Does it Take?

An okra plant that is about to bloom

Okra is a close cousin to the hibiscus flower. It thrives in summer heat and is very adaptable. The bushy, heat-loving, and fast-growing plant can reach five feet in height. It produces edible pods that can be used in many kitchens around the world. The tender pods of okra are a highlight in soups, side […]

How to Plant and Grow Rhubarb

A wooden sign that says "rhubarb" with a garden of rhubarb in the background

Rhubarb, a cool-season fruit-like vegetable, is known for its bright, sturdy stalks and tart taste. It usually emerges from the ground in late April and March. Only the stalks of rhubarb can be eaten, as the leaves of this plant contain toxic oxalic acid. Rhubarb has a unique flavor and is well-known for its medicinal […]

How and When to Plant Petunias

A black and yellow butterfly resting on a purple petunia

Petunias are a great choice if you’re looking for plants that can be used in many different situations and produce beautiful, prolific flowers all year. With proper care, they can be planted anywhere with enough sunlight. Petunias are adored for their many varieties, varying growth patterns, and spectacular displays of flowers. This detailed guide contains […]

How to Plant and Grow Pansies

Purple and yellow pansy flowers blooming

Pansies can be used to brighten up any garden with cheerful colors. Pansy flowers symbolize ‘thought’ and are great plants for the early spring when you are waiting for your garden to come to life during the next growing season. These prolific and happy bloomers can produce flowers for extended periods and thrive in colder […]

The Best Ways to Plant to Get a Great Garden

Gardening can be a gratifying hobby. Fresh-picked vegetables are the best, especially if you grow them yourself. You will enjoy seasons of fresh, succulent vegetables with vibrant textures and juicy flavors by following these tips to help you plan, plant, and grow the best vegetable garden plants possible! Where Should I Start? The first thing […]

All Seasons Gardening: Planting for Year Round Color

The abundance of flowers in spring and summer is something we all love. After a long, dreary winter, it’s a joy to see so many vibrant colors in our gardens. Even the fall can boast about its harvest hues and beautiful colors. However, gardens often find themselves without water during cooler seasons, so there is […]

How to Plant a Garden Using Succession Planting

We’ve all made the mistake of planting all our vegetable garden crops at the same time because we were in such a rush to get the garden started. Next thing you know, you have bushels of tomatoes and zucchini coming out of your ears and okra that has turned into a tough loofah. There is […]

Midsummer Planting

A person wearing a straw hat and working in a flower garden with mountains in the background

Believe it or not, July and August aren’t the best months to plant your garden. In most places, it’s hot and uncomfortable for you and your plants. However, there are strategies to help plants thrive and survive in the middle of summer. These are the Do’s and Don’ts of midsummer planting. The Do’s of Midsummer […]

Best Way to Plant a Vertical Garden 

Vertical gardening gives your garden a new dimension. It can provide extra space when you have limited space, produce more plants, beautify your space, and conceal an area that is not visible. Give vertical gardening a shot by using these ideas and tips to make the most of the vertical space in your garden. Maximize […]

Plant Your Own Succulent Container Garden 

Succulents are hardy, drought tolerant, easily cared for plants that are excellent for container gardening. Using this guide, you can learn how to grow succulents in a container garden. Growing Succulents 1. Light Succulents can thrive in both shade and sun. However, it is important to research your plants’ needs before planting them to ensure […]