Edible Ground Cover Plants

Groundcovers are a favorite landscaping feature among gardeners for lots of reasons: they help reduce labor in the garden, control erosion, replace grass under a shady tree, and make bare ground space look beautiful. You unfortunately can’t eat mondo grass, ivy or Asian jasmine, but did you know that there are groundcovers that you CAN […]

Beginner’s Guide to Landscaping

You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed when you start a new landscape. It can be difficult to know where to begin, no matter if you’re starting from scratch or wanting to upgrade your existing yard. Our beginner’s guide will help you get started landscaping the front yard and/or back yard of your dreams. […]

Low Light Plants

Two curled up fiddleheads sticking out of the ground

Even in the most shaded areas of the garden, you can find hardy, shade-loving flowers and plants that produce stunning blooms and beautiful foliage. You don’t have to abandon the dream of a beautiful garden if you have tall trees or a small area of sunlight. Low-light plants are much more common than you might […]

All Seasons Gardening: Planting for Year Round Color

The abundance of flowers in spring and summer is something we all love. After a long, dreary winter, it’s a joy to see so many vibrant colors in our gardens. Even the fall can boast about its harvest hues and beautiful colors. However, gardens often find themselves without water during cooler seasons, so there is […]