Creating a Pollinator Garden: Top Plants to Entice Pollinators

Two bees collecting nectar from blooming lavender flowers

Almost every plant that grows in the ground can thrive in a container garden and attract valuable pollinating friends like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Considerations for Container Planting Use high-quality potting soil and fertilize as often as possible. You can also easily add worm castings and other natural fertilizers to your potted plants to make […]

Low Light Plants

Two curled up fiddleheads sticking out of the ground

Even in the most shaded areas of the garden, you can find hardy, shade-loving flowers and plants that produce stunning blooms and beautiful foliage. You don’t have to abandon the dream of a beautiful garden if you have tall trees or a small area of sunlight. Low-light plants are much more common than you might […]

How to Plant Hydrangeas

Purple hydrangea flowers blooming

Hydrangeas are a great way to get an abundance of flowers. There are many types of these beautiful, larger-than-life blooms that are enticing, full of color, and add beauty and variety to every garden. They also have dark green leaves that add an old-fashioned charm to both summer and fall gardens. Our tips will help […]

Calendula Flower: Companion Plants, Benefits & Care Information

Calendula can be planted in your garden to add stunning bursts of color from mid-spring through early fall. Calendula is an herbaceous perennial with healing properties and is an excellent plant for the garden as it repels pests and is edible. The plant is an annual in most areas and can produce many beautiful flowers […]

Growing Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace’s delicate, elegant blooms add a touch of class to your garden beds. Named for its white, lace-like flowerhead, Queen Anne’s Lace is often used to decorate cottage and potager gardens. Queen Anne’s Lace can grow up to 2 feet tall and fills in garden gaps with its fern-like leaves, long stems, and […]

Gardener’s Guide to Planting Tulips

Jewels of the garden, otherwise known as tulips, come in a wide variety of colors that range from solids to variegated. The petals form a beautiful cup-like shape and have decorative stamens. They make a bold statement in the yard and look stunning when paired with hyacinth and daffodil cultivars. As winter draws closer, tulips […]

How to Plant & Grow Daffodils

Daffodils are the most iconic sign of spring. Even on March’s coldest days, they bravely rise from the soil to poke through the snow, symbolizing new beginnings. They are cheerful and bright yellow or white flowers that can easily lift the spirits of those who plant them or give them as a bouquet of flowers. […]

Flower Garden Ideas & Design Inspiration

Sunny garden

It can be difficult to plan a beautiful flower garden. There are many plants to choose from and considerations to make when planting a garden. The biggest obstacle to starting a garden is deciding where to start. Use these flower garden designs and ideas for inspiration to create your own garden sanctuary. Flower Garden Ideas […]

Growing Lilies: How & Where to Grow

A white and yellow lily flower blooming

Lilies are exotic, vibrant perennial flowers with beautiful, bold blooms. This bulbous plant has a lot of charm that stems from the versatility and variety it offers. You can grow lilies in containers on patios and gardens, along borders, or as a mainstay at the rear of flower beds. There are many varieties of lilies […]

Summer Rose Care

Roses make a beautiful addition to any garden. They fill the air with fragrant bloom scents and welcoming flowers. It is possible to assume that rose bushes will bloom all summer if they have been properly tended to and planted, but summer can bring unexpected weather conditions that can cause havoc to these prolific bloomers. […]