How To

Build a Hanging Herb Garden


  • (1) Untreated wood fence picket cut to the following dimensions: Cut down to 37”
  • (3) 5”-7” Hose Clamps
  • #6 x ⅝” Phillips head wood screws (12-pack)
  • 30 Ib. zinc-plated narrow D-ring hanger with screw
  • (3) 6” Terra cotta clay pots
  • Small bag of all-purpose, small landscape rocks
  • (3) Herb plants
  • Bag of NearSource Organics Indoor & Outdoor Potting Soil
  • Medium-grit sanding block
  • Power drill with Phillips bit
  • Stud finder
  • Gardening shovel
  • Tape measure

Note: If you plan to cut your own wood, wear safety glasses. But before measuring and cutting, did you know Home Depot will cut your wood for you? It’s fast and easy.

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It’s Surprisingly Simple To Make A Hanging Vertical Herb Garden For Your Home. This Project Is A Great Way To Have A Garden When You Have Limited Space And Allows For A Wide Range Of Planting Options. And The Best News: You Can Grab Everything You Need At Your Local Home Depot.

The hanging herb garden we’re making today will hold three pots and is great for gardening in limited spaces. You can use a variety of different materials to build a hanging herb garden. If using wood, we recommend all-natural and untreated wood.

Before getting started, make sure you have everything you need. Watch the video for a tutorial, and keep scrolling to get the supply list and step-by-step instructions!

The Steps


First, fill around 1” of the bottom of the pots with small landscaping rocks. This will help drainage and keep the roots from sitting in the water at the bottom of the pot.


Then, fill each pot to within 1” from the top rim.


Once the soil is in each pot, make a hole in the middle of the soil. Make sure not to expose the rocks.


Next, get your herbs ready. Remove the plant from the container and place it into the hole in the middle of the soil. After placing our “herb,” fill the pot with soil and pat it down around the plant to secure it.


Then, we’re going to grab our pre-cut fence picket. Sand the sides with a sanding block to your desired smoothness.


Add your D-ring hanger once you’ve finished sanding. Measure 3 ½” down from the top, placing the hanger in the middle of the piece width-wise.



Next, connect the pot holders. On the front side of the wood, measure 8 ¾” from the top and mark a center dot for the first pot. Then, measure another 12” down to mark the second and then again for the third.


We recommend adding the pots after hanging the board. Now, find a good place with indirect sunlight to hang your herb garden.

With That, Your Hanging Herb Garden Is Ready To Go!

Pro-Tip: Make Sure To Water Your New Herbs Regularly, But Be Sure Not To Drench Them. We Like To Use A Spray Bottle!